IT-School HTML mail + mailman

As IT-School will send out email as encoded HTML, I need to remove the footer message (text/plain) from mailman, in order to keep overall message as HTML only (text/html). Non-digest options / Digest options -> Footer added to mail sent to regular list members -> (remove all footer message) UPDATE (20090306): After more indeed study of this problem I get this page (
4.39. HELP! Mailman is munging HTML & MIME-formatted messages before they are sent out? (problems with Mailman 2.1.x footers) ...

eGroupWare + smbldap-tools integration with SQL hack

By default, smbldap-populate will add groups 'Domain User' with gidnumber 513, and 'Administrators' with gidnumber 544. This can map with eGroupWare's default groups 'Default' and 'Admins'. On the other hand, smbldap-populate will add default administrator account 'root' with uidnumber 0, where it is invalid for eGroupWare (eGroupWare count account id with AUTO_INCREMENT, where starting from 1 and so 0 is invalid). We need some tricks in order to integrate them:

Main difference between nis.schema and rfc2307bis.schema

I give some indeed study for eGroupWare + LDAP, compare its use between nis.schema and rfc2307bis.schema, slapcat and diff their result: @@ -65,13 +65,15 @@ modifyTimestamp: 20090220182044Z dn: cn=Default,ou=Group,dc=example,dc=com objectClass: top objectClass: posixGroup +objectClass: groupOfNames gidNumber: 1 cn: Default -structuralObjectClass: posixGroup +structuralObjectClass: groupOfNames entryUUID: f627d08e-93c6-102d-9537-29575a5ac953 creatorsName: cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com createTimestamp: 20090220182056Z memberUid: postmaster memberUid: tester

eGroupware + LDAP on Debian lenny mini-HOWTO

NOTE! This is just my personal research progress log. Don't use it as production. If you are asking for some other update details, please refer to LDAP + Samba PDC + PAM/NSS on Debian Lenny HOWTO
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