Interactive Media 6.x-2.0-alpha1 is now completely revamp with zen-6.x-2.0 support

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I have been using the Interactive Media design ( for my blog more then 2 years (, and it is time for some revamp. As my team and I are now working in theme development for our clients with Zen 2.0, it is also a good idea to revamp my legacy theme implementation as Zen subtheme.

What's news and still missing?

The new version is now release as version 6.x-2.0-alpha1 ( since it just LOOKS similar as that of legacy implementation, but still missing out some critical functionality (for sure, contribution is welcome):

  • RTL layout support,
  • Administration pages support,
  • Multiple footer column,
  • Theme build-in search form implementation,
  • Minor layout tweak in small screen resolution,
  • Dummy Zen comment message for developer cleanup,
  • ... and so on

Remeber that as a Zen 2.0 subtheme, you should also install it within your "sites/all/themes" folder (but don't need to enable it) for using this theme.

Besides something still missing, there is also a lot of improvement base on migrate as Zen 2.0 subtheme:

  • Better fixed width and fluid width layout handling
  • Onscreen block configuration supported by Zen 2.0
  • Better coding syntax
  • ... and so on, too :D


I just spend 1 day for the revamp: most of the page layout implementation are well designed within Zen framework and also the CSS namespace structure. Only need to focus on the presentation CSS migration and jobs are almost done! Well... It even coming with a better structure than that I had been develop + maintenance + tweak for more than 4 years since Contented7 (

During revamp I also give an optimization of all PNG files with pngcrush ( Once optimized when compare my blog frontpage speed with Firebug waterfall diagram (the performance boost should be more once code cleanup with Zen comment message):

  • interactive_media-6.x-1.12: 462kb
  • interactive_media-6.x-2.0-alpha1: 441kb

Besides the revamp I am also migrate my development testbed to our own GIT repository ( and also maintain the project with Trac ( It is a good start to migrate all of our clients project to GIT + Trac since it can give a more complete and handy control for our project management :D

About images

Thanks for Bryan Ollendyke ( report that FamFamFam icons set is CC but not GPL so not suitable for Drupal CVS repository ( I am now finding some replacement solution, e.g.

It looks spirit20 much suitable as FamFamFam replacement but it is a set of 20x20 icon set. Therefore I give a custom repackage of original PNG files as 16x16 version with following commands:

  • Imagemagick: mogrify -resize 16 *.png
  • Pngcrush: find . -type f -name '*.png' -exec pngcrush -rem alla -brute -reduce -d ../ {} \

You can download both the original and repackaged version as below. Enjoy it :D

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