May 2007

add oracle database backend to drupal-6.x-dev

a complete instruction about how to install drupal-6.x-dev on oracle with no pain:

it cover the required configuration of both apache and oracle, how to obtain and patch drupal-6.x-dev with latest oracle driver, and complete instruction for drupal installation with oracle, with required screenshots :D

JDK + Tomcat on Debian etch mini-HOWTO

Install JDK and Tomcat in Debian etch is really simple, most packages are pre-configure for you.

Before install, check your /etc/apt/sources.list if already come with contrib and non-free APT source. Here is my example: deb etch main contrib non-free deb-src etch main contrib non-free

Then you will need to install JDK (you may also use aptitude and search for java5): apt-get install sun-java5-jdk

VMware Server + Debian etch + AMD64 mini-HOWTO

virtualization is now a hot topic in business field, especially about data center resource utilization. it is always a good idea to convert numbers of old, slow and out dated server into virtual client, and migrate them into one powerful virtual hosting server. there are a lot of different choose: KVM, XEN or even UML. by the way, i choice VMware here, as it is quite a complete virtualiztion solution, and able to run on top of different host OS. main point is: it is now free for download (although a lot of function traded off from workstation and GSX version)!

can't use amd64 + 4GB RAM, and even crash my mdraid5

i found some difficulty when using 6100M2MA-8EKRS2H. i try to install AX2 3800+, 4GB RAM in both 4 DIMM, and use with debian etch amd64 kernel, with flash installing.

BTW whenever i try to plug both 4 RAM, the speaker will keep on alert. if just install 3 DIMM (in whatever combination), it will function. i find that is not the problem of RAM quality, but BIOS supporting.