April 2007

My site is being attack by some abnormal client, with some invalid user-agent. They keep on scanning my server, and just keep on pushing up the server loading.

you may found some difficulty to access here within the past 3 days, as i am upgrading my server. the upgrade is not only about hardware, but also software and OS!

after upgrade, the server is now running on hardware with:

foobar2000 is a powerful and clean music player under windows platform. it support for many useful functions, including MP3 conversion. although some people love lossless format of music, e.g. APE or BIN with CUE playlist, but i still prefer MP3 format for many reasons:
  1. it is one of the most common lossy music format now a day, compare with WMA or even OGG
  2. unicode is now supported with ID3V2 (it is very useful as i collect JPOP music mainly)